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  • BCTF Certified Teachers

    All of our tutors are real BCTF certified teachers

  • Grade Increase Guarantee!

    We make sure that every student will see results.

  • Up to Date

    Since our teachers work in the school system, they know what is being taught in the school curriculum

The Reliance AdvantageAbout Us

At Reliance Learning Academy we understand how important your child’s education is to you and to their future success.

Our staff is made up of dedicated Professional Teachers who have many years of teaching experience within the BC School System. They are committed to providing your child with the very best knowledge, skills, and support in order for them to meet their academic goals.

Our motivated and experienced group of teachers are highly educated professionals, with Masters Degrees in Child Psychology, Educational Leadership, and Computer Applications.

Our teachers are trained and specialize in working with students with diverse academic learning needs. Our staff has taught a variety of grade levels in the Canadian Public School System ranging from Primary to Senior High School.


Tutoring SubscriptionsOUR Prices

Tutoring Subscriptions Elementary


Math & Science curriculum for each grade will be addressed at your child’s level .

Focus on reading comprehension skills and the writing process

Guided practice on spelling patterns, paragraph editing, and essay writing

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Tutoring SubscriptionsHigh School


High School – ALL subjects (Math/Science/Language Arts)

Our Teachers are fully qualified to teach the new BC Curriculum

Guided help with our Teachers ensures that your child will succeed.

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Tutoring SubscriptionsOne-on-One


One on One tutoring allows for our teachers to create in-depth lessons to address your child's needs

In-depth test/final preparation

Allows for students to get all of their questions addressed in a personalized setting

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Tutoring SubscriptionsDrop In


Drop in any time while we're open.

Guided practice for specific topics that a student wants addressed

Useful for intensive last minute review and test preparation

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Classrooms will be limited in size to ensure your child receives intensive and clear instructions with guided practice. Multiple sibling pricing available upon request.

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!

What People are sayingOUR Testimonials

“Great learning environment with easily approachable teachers! They know what they are teaching and helped me to finish my classes successfully. I would highly recommend Reliance Learning Academy.”

Harry Sandhau

“Very reliable and always ready to help. Keeps my child ahead in class.Best tutoring service available in Surrey.”

Mohammad Khan

“Best tutoring Service ever!! The tutors are patient and always willing to help. Thanks!”

Carol Blake

“My son has greatly enjoyed his experience at Reliance Learning Academy Thanks to Dave and Jas!”

Guri Sran

“Great Place to go tutoring and they teach you any subject, great place for students any age.”

Chetan Malli

“Good place, the tutors are highly qualified and do their best. I would hands down recommend Reliance Learning Academy”

Manpreet Sidhu

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